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Mark Bosworth

Attorney at Law

Born in the Midwest, Mark was raised in the small rural town of Logan, Iowa. Mark pursued an education in Journalism and English at the University of Iowa, graduating in 2008. His introduction to the legal field was as a child support enforcement specialist serving the Omaha, Nebraska (Douglas County) area. He has been fortunate to develop a wide variety of experience thus far in his career, having a background in employment law, family law, mediation, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, estate planning, and municipal law. While in Atlantic, Iowa he worked simultaneously as the City Attorney for both Atlantic and Audubon, Iowa, and as the Assistant Cass County Attorney where he specialized in misdemeanors and Juvenile Court. This was in addition to private practice with a heavy emphasis in Family Law.

After transitioning his family to Colorado Springs, he has focused his practice almost exclusively on Family Law related matters.


  • University of Iowa, 2008