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Jason A. Kinnaird

Jason A. Kinnaird


Since 2004, I’ve been proud to be a member of Kinnaird Law, helping our clients in practice areas that include bankruptcy, family law, and personal injury. What I’ve learned over the years is that clients want reassurance that everything will work out. They want an attorney who will project confidence, but who also understands the emotional aspects of each case, and treats them the way he or she would treat their own family.

That’s why it’s been so gratifying for me to appear on a number of local media outlets to talk about legal issues, and to get to know members of the Colorado Springs community on a personal level. Our firm has always prided itself on the fact that its lawyers are personable, friendly and accessible. We don’t want to project the image of staid, out-of-touch attorneys who never leave their offices. By staying involved in our community, we have come to understand our clients on a much deeper level, and that has challenged us to maintain a high standard of service.

While we many not be a huge firm with dozens of lawyers, we still deliver big results because of our collective and individual experience. And we are fortunate to have a support staff that shares our values of strength, compassion and conscience. When we take on a case, we marshal an army of people dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each client.

My Background

I attended college at the University of Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Realizing that I wanted to pursue a career in law, I attended Gonzaga University in Washington and obtained my Juris Doctorate. I am admitted to practice law in the state of Colorado, the U.S. District Court in the District of Colorado, and the U.S. Court of Appeals 10thCircuit.

After coming back to Colorado, I was a Deputy District Attorney in the 4th Judicial District for five years, gaining valuable experience and insight into the way prosecutions are handled for many different types of crimes. Then in January 2004, I was privileged to join the law offices of Kinnaird Law.

I am a member of the Colorado County Bar Association, the El Paso County Bar Association, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association.

Areas of Practice

Although I have a wide range of expertise, I focus primarily on four practice areas to provide my clients with the best service possible. These practice areas include:

  • Family Law – There are many categories of law that fall under this practice area, including divorce, child support, child visitation, spousal maintenance, adoption, paternity, and domestic violence
  • Personal Injury – This can include any accident, incident or event that causes harm, loss or injury to another person or to a family member of a plaintiff. Common types of personal injury cases include car accidents, medical malpractice, and slip-and-fall cases.
  • Criminal Defense – Defendants have the right to defense counsel after they are charged with a crime. An experienced defense lawyer can mount an aggressive defense and challenge all aspects of the prosecution’s case.
  • Bankruptcy – Far from being an ‘easy way out,’ bankruptcy has become a way for people who qualify to either wipe out their major debts to creditors, or to establish a feasible repayment plan. When handled in the proper way, bankruptcy can help people wipe the slate clean and plot a new and better financial course for the future.

My job is to help my clients achieve the best possible outcome for their cases. Whether that means reducing the charges against a person charged with murder, or helping a spouse obtain a fair divorce settlement, I will fight to protect the rights of those I serve. Please contact us today if you need the help of an experienced and compassionate law firm.

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