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Surrogacy in Colorado Springs

Surrogacy is not prohibited under any laws in Colorado, making it a completely legal practice. Surrogacy is meant to help single persons or couples for a variety of reasons, in a variety of ways. Surrogacy is most common for those that are:

  • Infertile
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single men wanting to start a family
  • Single women wanting to start a family


If you would like to be a surrogate in Colorado Springs, the preliminary, general requirements are:

  • You must have a BMI between 18-34
  • You are between the ages of 21 and 39 years old
  • You are not currently on government financial support and are financially stable
  • You must have previously given birth to one child and currently be raising at least one
  • You are not a smoker and must live in a non-smoking home
  • You do not have a history of criminal activity

Women who are interested in being a surrogate mother often wonder who will pay for their pregnancy. Either insurance will cover the costs or the intended parents may step in as beneficiaries. Most out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed. Once the child is born, the surrogate mother is not responsible for anything. The county in which the surrogacy took place will have granted the intended parents parental rights over the child or children, covering all responsibilities and expenses.

The Guidance of An Experienced Family Lawyer

In the process of surrogacy or adoption, it is important to have legal knowledge of the steps you are to go through. As experienced attorneys, we at Kinnaird Law will help you construct contracts for the surrogacy and in order to ensure legal parental rights. We will also help you to have your name(s) on the birth certificate of the surrogate child, as well as act as a liaison between the hospitals and fertility clinic/agency. Surrogacy can be a confusing process, and having Kinnaird Law on your side will help to create a seamless and peaceful transition over the years that it may take to complete the process.

If you have questions about surrogacy or need help taking the next steps in a surrogate pregnancy or adoption, give our offices a call today or contact us online. We are here to help you and your family take the next, best informed steps.

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