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Drinking is a normal part of American life and culture, from getting beers after work, to having a glass of wine at dinner, or enjoying a nightcap after a long day’s work. For those lucky enough to live in a city with plenty of nearby restaurants, or in towns where they’re a short walk to their favorite watering hole, having a few drinks for an evening on the town and getting home is safe and easy. For others, it might require taking an Uber, or driving themselves.

For the folks who rely on their own car to get to and from the bar and back home again, they need to practice responsible drinking (realistically, everyone should drink responsibly for their own health and wellbeing, but that’s a story for another day) so they don’t put themselves, or anyone else on the road, in danger. You learned in driving school, and possibly from someone close to you, that alcohol impairs your motor skills and reaction time, which need to be in tip-top shape when you’re behind the wheel. The absolute best case scenario if you drive after one too many: you make it home without any issue and swear to never put yourself in that position again. Less than optimal, yet incredibly more likely result: you get pulled over, get breathalyzed, are charged with a DUI, and need to call a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney to defend you.

One of the first things our team will look into is if the breathalyzer was working properly, or if it was faulty and gave an incorrect reading. Alcohol affects everyone differently based on their gender, their weight, their tolerance, the volume they drank and in what timeframe, and a few more factors. Legally, if you’re under a 0.08% blood alcohol content (BAC) and not driving erratically, you likely will be fine and make it home safely and soundly. For CDL holders, the legal limit is 0.04%, whether they’re in their work vehicle, or personal transportation. At the time of being pulled over and tested using a breathalyzer, you may have under a 0.08% BAC and were pulled over for having a taillight out, as opposed to reckless driving or swerving. However, the breathalyzer may have read a higher number.

At the time of the test and subsequent arrest, there really isn’t anything you can do other than comply with the officer and contact a Colorado Spring DUI lawyer to begin preparing your defense. Once you hire one of our expert attorneys, we check to see the last calibration date of the breathalyzer that was used in case it has been beyond the scope of expected and necessary maintenance to ensure accurate readings. Even if the readings were accurate, there are several other avenues we can pursue to prove your innocence, or reduce the punishment you may face — even keeping a DUI off of your driving record, thereby avoiding major insurance penalties, or loss of license.

DUI charges are serious and if you’re a CDL holder, it could ruin your career and income for a long time. Even for standard license holders, the loss of license can make or break your commute and ability to work. You need an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer on your side to protect your rights and clear you of all charges, or find alternatives to loss of license, fines, and possible jail time. Contact our offices today to speak with a Colorado DUI attorney if you’ve been charged with a DUI so we can begin prepping your case immediately.

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