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About Our Firm

Kinnaird & Kinnaird Colorado Springs Attorneys

Let’s face it, personal injury lawyers get very little respect. Whether they are portrayed as ambulance chasers who only want to profit off a family’s pain, or as men and women who will do anything to win, they don’t often make the list of most respected professions. But that’s largely because of a few bad apples that have affected the rest of the industry. Our Colorado Springs attorneys care about you and your rights.

Our primary goal has and will always be providing quality representation in legal matters that often rip families apart. We view our job as being advocates for people who are struggling through life-changing events that will reshape their future. Our goal is to shepherd our clients as we would our own family members, helping them obtain what’s fair so they can move on to a new chapter in their lives.

Our Experienced Colorado Springs Attorneys

Jason Kinnaird and Sean Cloyes are the leaders of our firm. You may already know their names from their numerous appearances on local radio and TV. If you have seen or heard them on local media, you know that they are personable, friendly and highly approachable. These are men who have dedicated their lives to using the law to help solve legal problems that affect families, and they are also members of our community, and they want to reflect the values that make our city so great.

Our Legal Resources

One of the things we knew we absolutely needed when we founded the firm in 1977 is a first-rate support staff. Family law often requires a lot of heavy lifting, whether that means sending an investigator out to gather evidence and interview witnesses, having someone conduct intensive research, or making sure that one of our clients has transportation to make it to a hearing.

Our team of paralegals and support staff are the heart and soul of the services that we provide you, and they are an essential aspect of the success that we achieve for our clients. Each member of our staff shares in the commitment we have made to being responsive to the wants and needs of our customers.

Erica Jones - Paralegal

Sabrina Clemmons - Paralegal

Joanna Starke - Office Manager

Erica Jones

Sabrina Clemmons Oper

Joanna Starke



Office Manager

Our Specialized Areas of Practice

Although we are experienced in a wide variety of legal issues, we primarily focus on personal injury, divorce and bankruptcy. We represent clients from communities such as Woodland Park, Palmer Lake, Pueblo, Monument, Canon City, and Fountain. We have spent 30 years building our reputation as a firm that offers strength, compassion and a powerful conscience. We are guided by the principle that hard work, honesty, intelligence and perseverance can overcome just about any obstacle.

Our Promise

Our first promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a positive experience with our firm. Our second promise is that while we can’t provide any guarantees, our track record is among the best in town, and we are not afraid to take things to court if that is the only way to get you what you deserve.

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