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7 Questions to Ask Your Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

Aug. 10, 2018

One of the most common things we hear from our clients is that divorce is stressful and overwhelming. It seems that just making that initial call to an attorney takes substantial effort. Even if you are happy to move on and put an end to your marriage, it’s still a massive ordeal to handle emotionally. People dream about fairy tales and a happy ending. No one dreams about their love story’s finale being a bitter battle.

Your initial consultation with your Colorado Springs divorce lawyer is not going to be easy. These sessions only last about an hour, and you will have all sorts of questions. Your mind will be swirling, and you may forget to ask some important things.

Here is a list of seven questions that you should ask before you go forward with severing your union:

1. Are You Experienced in Divorce and Family Law?

When it comes to a divorce, having an experienced divorce attorney matters. It’s imperative to select an attorney with experience in both marriage and family law. It’s the same as going to a specialist for a medical ailment. You want the best out there to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

2. Will You Try to Settle Amicably or Do You Intend to Litigate?

There are several different types of divorce lawyers, and each has a unique personality. Some prefer a heated courtroom battle because they are a born litigator. Other lawyers prefer to settle out of court to avoid a long drawn out battle. It’s always best on you and your wallet to try to resolve your issues amicably first. In some cases, you will have no choice but to go to court and fight it out. Choose someone that uses other resolution methods first, however, unless you welcome a battle in open court.

3. Do You Prefer Mediation?

This question goes hand-in-hand with the one directly above. Mediation is a great way to end your marriage peacefully, and you should always consider hiring an attorney who uses this method of conflict resolution. And don’t be afraid to ask about their rate of success in settling cases this way.

4. How Does Your Firm Bill?

Almost all Colorado Springs attorneys will require a retainer to begin working on your case. From this point, they will bill you on an hourly basis until the retainer is exhausted, and then either require another retainer or bill you on a monthly basis thereafter. You don’t want a lawyer that is going to nickel and dime you to death. Ask if every email and phone call is going to be charged at their hourly rate. Know these costs before you sign a fee agreement.

5. Does Your Paralegal Do All the Work, or Will You Work on My File?

Today’s lawyers are busier than ever, especially those that practice family law. It’s not uncommon for them to have associates and even other lawyers that work under them. Sometimes, it can be cheaper if there is a paralegal that does most of the work rather than the attorney. If a lawyer works solo, then you can expect your bill to be much higher than if an associate helps.

6. Are You Familiar with the Family Law Judges in Our Area?

You want an attorney that has a relationship with the judges in the area. This insight and knowledge is priceless. A familiar face can work wonders on your behalf. The rule of thumb is never to hire an out of town representation if you’re trying to get the best deal in court.

7. What’s Your Plan for My Divorce?

After you explain your situation, your attorney should already have formulated a plan in their mind about how to proceed. Ask them what your chances are, and if they think they can handle your case. You want representation that believes in you and will fight tirelessly for you. When you are ready to meet with a Colorado Springs divorce attorney, call Kinnaird Law for a free consultation.