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Divorcing When Young Vs. Older

March 1, 2020

Weddings are often beautiful ceremonies and occasions to celebrate two people joining together for life out of love and devotion to one another, but as we all know, sometimes marriages don’t work out and couples need to file for divorce – some sooner than others, some much later. Is there really any difference between a couple divorcing while young/only after a short time of being married vs. a couple that is older/has been together for decades? Short answer, no. Long answer: not really, but a little bit.

When couples divorce, it’s usually painful and difficult, with the exception of the rare cases where both parties agree to be cooperative and amicable. For most couples, it will drain their energies and bank accounts filing for divorce with a Colorado Springs family law attorney, such as our staff at Kinnaird Law, and negotiating with other Colorado Springs family law lawyers over the division of assets and, oftentimes, child custody. But what are the big differences between divorcing while young, versus divorcing when older and near, or during, retirement?

Divorcing While Young

While it’s sad to see that a marriage doesn’t work out so quickly, it can often be beneficial to divorce while younger; that may sound strange, but give us a moment to explain. Have you heard friends, or family, lament that they will have a tough time getting back into the dating scene? It can be easier to do while younger. The main challenge of divorcing while younger is dealing with commitments to negotiating the divorce and balancing your career. People often have to take plenty of time off to meet with lawyers. Additionally, younger married couples will likely have children and will need to debate, or struggle to come to an agreement, over child custody.

Divorcing While Older

When compared with younger counterparts, older couples likely won’t have to argue over child custody, as any children they have will likely already be over 18. Additionally, since they’re already enjoying retirement, they won’t need to take time off of their jobs. The real trouble for older couples going through a divorce is the pain of losing a partner of such long-standing and facing their later years alone. While older people can and do, in fact, date, it can be a terrifying endeavor to go through after spending a lifetime with one spouse.

What to Do if You Face Divorce in Colorado Springs

Divorce is never easy and there are challenges, regardless of which age it happens. the important thing to remember is that your life isn’t over, even if your marriage is. If you’re facing a divorce, contact our offices immediately so we can review your assets and protect them, as well as your rights so that you don’t need to rebuild your life without anything to do so; a Colorado Springs family law attorney is here to help you.