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Potential Causes of Wrongful Death

Nov. 1, 2019

The loss of a loved one poses emotional distress at a minimum and can lead to mental and financial stress as well while families try to deal with the passing and paying for the funeral costs. We all want our loved ones to lead and live full, happy, and healthy lives so they can enjoy their time and we can enjoy ours with them as well. When life is cut short because of the negligent acts of another, we are left wondering why and how it could have happened, and how we can continue on — especially to pay for such an unexpected loss and to deal with heavy emotions and ramifications.

When a loved one is the victim of wrongful death, it is imperative to contact a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney to help you through the process and to seek damages against the aggressor party. Sadly, there are many ways in which we can lose loved ones and need to face a wrongful death suit to over expenses and the loss. If your loved one has been a victim of one of the following, you may be entitled to discuss compensation from the soon-to-be defendant:

Nursing home negligence: We’ve all heard stories of nursing homes ignoring the pains and pleas of residents; this apathy can quickly turn to fatal consequences.

Medical malpractice: Doctors are supposed to help us; unfortunately, as humans, they are prone to mistakes and accidents and our loved ones pay the price.

Motorcycle accidents: Without seatbelts, airbags, and more, motorcyclists are at higher risk for fatal accidents when collisions occur – even when they take every precaution to stay safe.

Car accidents: Speeding, tailgating, weaving, and distracted driving can easily turn into rear ends, T-bone collisions, and multi-car crashes that our loved ones tried their best to avoid.

When filing a wrongful death suit, you must prove that the defendant acted negligently and did not practice proper care (medical attention, obeying the rules of the road, etc.), that this act of negligence was the direct cause of the death (texting while driving and hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk, for example), and that your loss of a loved one put financial burden on you and your family to cover. If you can prove these to your Colorado Springs family attorney, because this is not a road to travel alone nor a battle to fight on your own, you have a strong case to seek financial compensation from the defendant.

If you believe your loved one suffered a wrongful death at the hands of a negligent act, contact us today to tell us the details of your case and determine how we can proceed. We’re here to help you and your family achieve justice.