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Warning Signs of Child Neglect

Dec. 15, 2019

When it comes to family law, one of the first acts of a Colorado Springs family law attorney is to ensure the safety of any children. Oftentimes, others can see signs and symptoms that a child may be neglected, or worse yet abused, before our offices are notified. Since children are susceptible to traumatic levels of harm due to their still-developing minds and emotions, it is imperative that we all ensure their safety to grow healthfully and safely.

Heartbreakingly, some parents, guardians, or teachers may be neglecting or abusing a child, or multiple children. We all must do our part to spot the warning signs of child neglect and abuse early so that we can save the child from a lifetime of pain and suffering and to bring justice to those who feel their need to exert their power over a defenseless being. Here are some symptoms to look out for so you can contact the authorities and a Colorado Springs family law attorney.

  • Doesn’t want to go home

  • Is always withdrawn, especially as a development when the child was once extroverted

  • Lacks dental care

  • Is in tattered clothing

  • Abuses drugs or alcohol

  • Has attempted suicide

Additionally, look towards the parents or guardian to note unusual behavior to determine if they are the ones causing emotional trauma upon the child. Warning signs include:

  • Abuses drugs or alcohol

  • Ignores the child frequently

  • Blames the child for irrational reasons

  • Hits the child in public

If you see any of these traits from the parent or guardian, immediately contact the authorities and a family law attorney to look into the well being of the child. Be alert of an adult’s actions to save children from further torture. Contact our offices to speak with a Colorado Springs family law attorney to learn more.