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What Your Need to Know about Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

Nearly 1,500 people die every year as a result of hit-and-run accidents, and this number is increasing at an escalated rate, according to a report published by AAA. In fact, in 2016 alone, hit and run accidents represented 5.5% of all traffic fatalities, which is a 35% increase over the last decade.

One of the
main reasons for this increase is found in our hands. Smartphones have
drastically increased distracted driving, and motorcyclists are often the
victims of these distractions. When a motorist fails to recognize a
motorcyclist on the road, disastrous – and often fatal – accidents occur.

Recent Hit and Run Accident in Colorado Springs
Highlight the Problem

On the
morning of May 27th, Colorado Springs police officers found a hurt motorcyclist
lying in the East Platte and North Chelton intersection. Police reports
indicate that the motorcyclist was travelling on Platte Avenue when a white
pickup truck cut in front of him to turn at the intersection, which caused the
motorcyclist to crash into the truck. The pickup truck driver then fled the
scene of the accident and left the motorcyclist in the road. Fortunately, the
injured biker did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, however,
the hit and run driver remains unidentified.

Colorado Springs Rules of the Road

In the state
of Colorado, all motor vehicle drivers are required to remain at the scene of
any accident that causes injury or property damage. Failure to lend aid and
remain at the accident scene may result in a hit and run charge. Motorcyclists,
in particular, are vulnerable to sustaining serious, and even life-threatening
injuries during an accident. Failure to call 911, remain at the scene, and lend
aid could be the difference between life and death for an injured biker.

Why Do Drivers Flee the Scene of a Motorcycle

There are
many reasons a motor vehicle driver flees the scene of a motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle accidents are usually catastrophic and the resulting injuries are
often terrifying for “at fault” drivers, especially teens and young adults. As
such, many drivers flee to avoid going to jail or being held responsible for
the accident.

reasons why drivers flee the scene of a motorcycle accident include:

  • Driving impaired
  • Serving probation
  • Illegal possession of drugs or weapons in vehicle
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving without insurance
  • Fear of financial responsibility
  • Avoiding deportation

There is
never an acceptable reason to leave the scene of an accident. No matter the
circumstances, failure to remain at the scene of an injury accident is a crime.
Unfortunately, injured motorcyclists often find themselves with little recourse
after an accident. During this time, an experienced motorcycle accident
 can help. If the “at fault” driver is never found, your
motorcycle accident attorney will help you get the compensation you need to get
your life back on track through your own insurance policy.

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